How much will cost me the bathroom to refurbish? Many of our clients ask themselves all the time when they want to refurbish their bathroom. I have to say this is a bit tricky question and depends on many variables:
- The size of the bathroom
- If you want a totally refurbish or partial refurbish. That means if you want to replace everything to strip all the old tiles and start from the scratch or you want to replace just some units like toilet, wash hand basin, shower, etc
- What kind of units do you want to put in place? Do you want the basic cost units or you want some fancy units more expensive
- If you want to fit underfloor heating or not
- If you want to change the old layout of the unit's. This could take extra time for the plumber to reroute all the pipes and inevitable increase the total cost
All this can change the cost of the refurbishment, up or down depending of your preferences

As a conclusion the cost of a bathroom refurbish as standard may start from 800-1000 for a cloakroom or a small bathroom and finish with roughly 2000-3000 for an average size bathroom. As 'Standard' we understand the basic unit’s price and the average size for uk bathrooms which is 6 x 6 feet’s
For a clear and accurate quote please call us sooner you decide to start your refurbish. Our quotations and advices are free of charge

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